Monday, March 2, 2020

What is this all about?

This blog consists of three essays containing essential knowledge which must become widely known for humanity to evolve.  Gnosis.

The first essay is a  primer for understanding what is 'really' wrong with the world today.  What is the root cause of  humanity's wars with itself?  The failure by governments to provide a Universal Basic Income as a component of modern monetary policy.  Debunking the myth that creating money out of debt is wise or humane monetary policy.

The second essay is a balm for those struggling with the mental and emotional wounds incurred from exposure to fundamentalist religion -a  Modern Christian Gnostic understanding of some core teachings of Jesus found in scripture - scriptures which provide 'saving' knowledge for those who understand them correctly - for those with ears to hear.

The third essay explains from a Gnostic Christian perspective why Pro-Life advocates unwittingly promote an illogical and cruel understanding of God.